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Collaboration to Create and Practice a Shared Vision

Free to all members with cohort learning membership included


What is it about? 

  • Understanding Positive Partnering and Collaborations

  • Creating broad community goals as an umbrella for synergistic strategies.

  • Motivating people to work together to achieve North Star goals.

  • How to Bring people together for collective action

  • On-going management of interactions, conflicts, and competition 

  • Sustainability 

Who is it for?

A Shared Vision is the key to success for place-based initiatives. The Collaboration to Create and Practice a Shared Vision learning opportunity is designed to help organizations and communities revisit their past collaborative efforts to improve their strategies to meet their goals, post-pandemic. 

How will the Learning Cohort work, and when does it begin? 

This Learning Cohort will take place for five one and one-half hour sessions on Tuesdays beginning July 11, 2023, every two weeks until August 22, 2023, ending three weeks later, September 12, 2023.

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