Our Work

Recognizing that population change cannot be achieved through any one organization or group, the PopChange Institute takes a multi-faceted approach to our work. Our services, outlined below and responsive to the gaps identified by practitioners, focus on strengthening communities’  capacity, networks, and the field of place-based population change. As our partners come to us at different points along their own journeys of learning, growth, and development, these services can be adapted and targeted to best meet their evolving and emerging needs. Together, these services work to increase the effectiveness and sustainability of place-based population change initiatives, which in turn accelerates equitable, resident-led social change.


Enhance communities’ and networks’ collective capacities.

We provide hands-on, context-specific coaching, training, and technical assistance to those leading place-based population change initiatives to build and enhance the six collective capacities required to achieve population-level outcomes.

  • Collaboration to create and practice a shared vision;
  • Measurement and use of data to guide community change efforts; 
  • Active engagement in community efforts; 
  • Effective and innovative community change programs, policies, and practices; 
  • Distributed leadership of community change efforts; and
  • Sustained, scaled approach to community change

SELA Nonprofit Needs Assessment

A landscape analysis of the capacities and relationships of nonprofit organizations in the Southeast Los Angeles geography to support the SELA Collaborative's work to build nonprofit capacities.


Facilitate shared learning and connection. 

We facilitate shared learning and connection among practitioners, researchers, funders, and government agencies engaged in place-based population change initiatives. By working together, and with us, sites increase their individual and collective impact. One example of this is our National Place-based Learning Community. Learn more about these partners below.


Grow and strengthen the field of place-based population change. 

We create the conditions for effective strategy and thought leadership for the place-based population change field to uplift communities’ efforts and outcomes and encourage investment in these efforts at scale. 

Driving Towards Large Scale Change in DC

A case study on the Department of Early Learning's role in building a cohesive approach among public-sector agencies, CBOs, and other stakeholders working to more effectively address inequities and improve outcomes for all children.

Population Change Learning Community Case Studies

Summary of the findings in a series of case studies of the Population Change Learning Community sites to deepen understanding of collective capacities for place-based support organizations.